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Code of Conduct for Suppliers


We strive to meet the highest possible standardsfor our corporate and individual behavior, as detailed in the SeeNews Code of conduct for Suppliers.


With shared commitment to ethical performance, we reassure our clients, employees, vendors and partners that we will keep and further improve the reputation of our company.


We are happy to answer any questions you might have about the SeeNews Code of Conduct for Suppliers and its provisions, which you can direct at any time to your contact at the company.



The Code includes:


    •    we treat our suppliers/vendors with respect and courtesy;

    •    we provide suppliers/vendors with clear information, treat them with respect and courtesy, and act in a timely manner;

    •    we only enter into fee agreements with our suppliers/vendors that are legal, we consider suitable, and after we have taken account of the clients' best interests

    •    we act in accordance with the clients' instructions, and exercise good faith, skill, care and competence;

    •    we ensure appropriate confidentiality of all suppliers/vendors information regarding the appropriate laws and GDPR;

    •    suppliers/vendors' feedback are dealt with promptly, fairly, openly and effectively;

    •    we inform our suppliers/vendors if we discover any act or omission which could present a work-related risk;

    •    we act towards preventing conflict of interests.



We act following these principles:


    •    we maintain clear and consistent communication;

    •    we explain our responsibilities and those of the supplier/vendor;

    •    we ensure that the vendors/suppliers are told, in writing, the name and status of the person(s) dealing with the project;

    •    we explain to our suppliers/vendors if we have any limitations for eventual partnership;

    •    we refuse to act in cases where our vendors/suppliers proposes to make a gift of significant value to us or a member of the team.

    •    we clearly explain our terms and requirements, as well as if and when they are likely to change;



SeeNews is committed to:


    •    Legal, ethical and responsible conduct in all of our processes;

    •    Respect for the rights of all individuals, including:

    •    Protection of human rights;

    •    Fair and non-discriminatory labour practices;

    •    Respect and care for the environment.


We count on our subordinates to do likewise in carrying out their work.


Security of personal data


SeeNews handles and processes data only for the purposes for which it was collected and received.




SeeNews and its' employees do not tolerate, permit or engage in bribery, embezzlement, extortion, kickbacks or other forms of corruption in dealings with any government official or employee, or any individual in the private sector.




SeeNews complies with all applicable local, national and international laws, regulations, treaties and industry standards, including, but not limited to, those pertaining to export and trade controls and manufacture, pricing, sale, distribution and safety of the relevant products and/or services.


Child Labour


SeeNews do not use child labour and do not tolerate any discriminating practices.


Coercion and Harassment


SeeNews believes in treating each employee with dignity and respect, and will not use corporal punishment, threats of violence or other forms of physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment, abuse or intimidation.


Involuntary Labour


SeeNews will not use, participate in, or benefit from trafficking or any related activities.


Health and Safety


SeeNews provides employees with a safe and healthy workplace in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.




А Data Pro is committed to protecting and improving the environment through sustainable workflow management and implementation of best practices in the industry. We will continue to work to integrate environmental solutions into our business processes and adopt green alternatives in all of our activities, whenever and wherever possible.