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SeeNews on Demand

SeeNews goes beyond the reporting with specialised on-demand research. How does it work?

You request a tailored report on a topic, industry, market or company of your choice. You define your goals and what you want to be included in the report and we design the best approach.

Then, our team of experts, who works in 40+ languages and has a deep understanding of the economy, delves into your request, researching all open official and government sources of information, including stock exchanges, databases, and official registries, as well as media publications over a period of time.

Our researches also contact company representatives, associations and institutions for first-hand data.

What you receive is a high-end, comprehensive report, giving you a complete overview of the topic and a solid foundation to continue your search for new business opportunities.

A glimpse of our previous work:

Companies and ownership research

One of our clients approached us with a very specific request for a market and industry survey, which had our researchers identify all companies based in Austria, who were owned by Croatian nationals, and then all companies based in Croatia, who were owned by Austrian nationals. SeeNews delivered two extensive databases of companies with detailed publicly-available information about the owners and their background, which served the client’s goals of targeting companies with a very specific profile.

HR specialists survey in Bulgaria

A client of ours asked us to conduct in-depth research on Human Resources (HR) specialists in the region, while also determining the specific industry they operate in, their qualification and their total number in Bulgaria. Our researchers compiled a database of all HR experts in the country, dividing them into their respective categories and providing a complete overview of the sector.

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