Croatia's HBOR lends Agrokor 903 mln kuna (120.3 mln) in 2006-2016 - report

Montenegrin court refuses to apply Croatian law to local Agrokor units

Croatian prosecutors seek pre-trial detention of 15 suspects in Agrokor probe

Owner claims arrested executives of Croatia's Agrokor 'did nothing wrong'

Croatia c-bank, regulator share blame for Agrokor crisis - govt minister

Bosnian court endorses foreclosure of collateral on Croatia's Agrokor debt to Sberbank

Criminal charges to be filed against 12 detained in Agrokor investigation

Owner of Croatia's Agrokor confirms police enter his residence

Croatia's Agrokor owner to face parl committee on Nov 3

Croatia's Agrokor owner claims audited results are inaccurate

Croatia's Kras recovers part of claims held against Agrokor

Most listed units of Croatia's Agrokor report positive Jan-Aug EBITDA

Owner led Croatia's Agrokor to the verge of bankruptcy - govt

'Not one euro stolen or hidden' at Croatia's Agrokor, owner says

Audit shows Croatia's Agrokor worth 22.05 bln kuna (2.9 bln euro) less than reported

Croatia's Agrokor extends cons net loss to 11.05 bln kuna (1.5 bln euro) in 2016

Sberbank declines comment on losses revealed in Croatia's Agrokor units

Croatia's Agrokor owner claims audit fixed to pressure stakeholders

Croatia is not responsible for paying back Agrokor's debt - MOST party leader

Agrokor audit results 'shocking', Croatia needs tougher laws - govt expert

Results of Agrokor audit justify adopted special law - Croatian govt

Croatia's Agrokor audit reveals inflated assets, undocumented costs

Audit shows key units of Croatia's Agrokor worth 13.4 bln kuna (1.8 bln euro) less than reported

Key units of Croatia's Agrokor end 2016 with 3.3 bln kuna (439.7 mln euro) loss

Sberbank initiates arbitration against Croatia's Agrokor in London

Croatia's Agrokor launches sale of luxury villa for 7 mln euro

Croatia's Agrokor prepares to sell owner's luxury villa - report

Owner of Croatia's Agrokor prepares to sue government - report

Agrokor's Bosnian unit Velpro to be liquidated - receiver

Croatia's Agrokor to start paying out 'old' debt to 2,100 small suppliers Thursday

Croatia's Agrokor loss seen at 12-15 bln kuna (1.6-2.0 bln euro) in 2016 - report

Receiver of Croatia's Agrokor gets final say on future of Slovenia's Mercator - report

Croatia's Agrokor likely to dispose of Mercator if it opts for sale of large companies - RBA

Croatia's MOST demands PM, fin min resign over Agrokor - report

Croatia's Konzum to shut down 105 stores by end-2017

Intesa cuts Croatia's 2017 GDP growth fcast on Agrokor problems

Croatia's Agrokor receives over 11,000 claims from creditors

Croatian retailer Konzum opens new shopping centre on Brac island

Croatia's Agrokor prepares to sell six companies

Agrokor's supplier AWT enters pre-bankruptcy procedure - report