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Founded in 2007, Greenpoint Logistics is Bulgaria’s first CO2-neutral logistics company. The company currently operates in Sofia and its area but has plans to expand in other cities in the country. Following is an interview with the company's founder and CEO Tzvetanka Frateva.

Mrs. Frateva, when was GreenPoint founded and what was the motive?

GreenPoint was founded in 2007 with the pure idea of green businesses development. The final decision to start operations in the area of logistics was made in 2019 when it became clear that we can deal with the challenges in the electromobility segment, especially in the area of electric-commercial vehicles transportation.

It’s inspirational to know that your business can positively impact the environment, with a certain and immediate effect. We are kick-starting the transformation of city logistics into the new age of zero-emission commercial transportation!

With our all-electric fleet, Greenpoint shows the targets of the Green Deal are achievable. We are also helping our partners who are looking for eco-friendly and resource-efficient transportation services to improve their environmental impact and be part of the future today.

What is your current geographic footprint and do you plan on expanding further?

Our fleet currently consists of Volkswagen’s e-Crafter vans, which have a range of 130 km fully loaded. This range perfectly suits the needs of city logistics -- we can deliver to any point in Sofia as well as to locations in the around-the-city perimeter. However, our plans go beyond the boundaries that electromobility sets – we plan to position our Greenpoint vans with charging stations in every industrial city in Bulgaria, establishing a fleet in each of these locations. Plovdiv will be the next Greenpoint on the Bulgarian map and, in accordance with the sustainability policies of one of our partners --DB Schenker, we are on the way to establishing operations in other cities as well.

In order to make our business model completely green, we are also investing in a solar roof and parking lot systems on our sites as well as in a power storage facility to collect each precious watt and turn it into another “green“ delivery.

There are still sceptics who argue that electromobility is unreliable. In your view, what is the competitive advantage of electromoblity logistics?

I believe it’s a matter of time now for all those who are sceptical to widen their horizons and realise that a smooth-running business is all about good planning and this is especially valid for logistics. Electromobility logistics can be fast, cost-efficient, flexible, comfortable, and quiet, giving the opportunity to operate even during the night. It’s just a matter of choosing the right vehicles, a dedicated and trustworthy team and plan with attention and expertise–this is all that logistics is about.

Are Bulgarian companies warming-up to the idea of electromoblity logistics? What does your experience and current customer portfolio show?

Definitely, Bulgaria’s next-generation business is looking at reducing its carbon footprint. That’s why Greenpoint is a partner of many progressive and sustainably growing companies, willing to achieve positive green transformation, be it through the operation of logistic centers or through CO2-free transportation of goods.