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How a company can save up to 72% in shift scheduling costs with shiftin, the automated shift scheduling software solution powered by htss

Author HTSS
How a company can save up to 72% in shift scheduling costs with shiftin, the automated shift scheduling software solution powered by htss Photo: htss

Absenteeism is one of the biggest challenges for a company's management. The shift planning process involves several repetitive activities, which can take up to 10 hours per week out of a manager's working time, which results in a tedious and time-consuming process. Consequently, due to poor shift management, the expected result and absences that may occur disrupt the whole workflow. In a large company with more than 300 employees, absenteeism can cause losses of hundreds of thousands of euros. This is where shiftin, an automated shift scheduling app, developed by the parent Romanian company htss, could prove a life-saving solution.

shiftin instantly finds solutions for replacements in cases of absenteeism, in accordance with labor legislation, while recommending the optimal number of resources in the context of any business objective. With a comprehensive library of rules, shiftin can calculate the number of shifts an employee can have by considering their availability, labor legislation, and company performance targets.

Companies can free up time with shiftin and use it for actions that bring high value to the employees

Using shiftin, a manager can gain up to 10 working hours per week; time that can be dedicated to growing the business or other value-adding activities. shiftin makes a real contribution to enhancing productivity and work attendance in a company, as this automated shift scheduling app makes it possible to easily identify when a person is free and able to be reassigned to an uncovered shift. From an employer's perspective, automating shift scheduling reduces the costs associated with this process by up to 72% and relieves managers of repetitive work. 

"According to our research, 9 out of 10 employees who use shiftin in a company are happy with their work schedule, the way they can manage their availability for work, and the 360-view over the schedule of the entire team.'', says Mitu Morega, shiftin Product Manager at htss.

shiftin, a Romanian software present in 6 countries

shiftin, the shift scheduling software, currently helps reduce the effects of absenteeism in medium and large companies in Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Italy, Poland, and the Czech Republic. Furthermore, the shift scheduling software is backed by Microsoft, which helps accelerate shiftin's expansion into new markets.

"The fact that we managed to be present in six countries and become a Microsoft partner, in the space of a few months, honors us and, at the same time, validates the work we have been doing over the last four years. shiftin differentiates itself from other international competitors due through its extensive library of rules and regulations available to managers and through the democratisation of shift scheduling, which is done in a collaborative and optimal way, taking into account both employees’ preferences and business objectives.", adds Mitu Morega, shiftin Product Manager. 

How does shiftin work?

shiftin's business model is SaaS (Software as a Service), which ensures the scalability of the product and makes it accessible to any type and size of business, without additional infrastructure costs. 

"It's simple: the shiftin customer buys a package of functionalities as a monthly or annual subscription, we assist the company in configuring the application, and then, within seconds, the customer can start planning, by themselves, the activity of the teams. Everything is traceable and automated for the customer.", explains Mitu Morega, shiftin Product Manager.

About htss

High-Tech Systems & Software (htss) - is a Romanian company specialised in providing business software solutions. Established in 2012, htss has rapidly developed its customer portfolio thanks to its focus on innovation, and fast and high-quality support. Today, the company's portfolio counts over 1000 customers in 11 countries. Among the most well-known solutions, we mention Pharmaceutical - a pharmacy management software; telemedica - a telemedicine solution; shiftin - the shift scheduling app, and mindclass - the e-learning platform.