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How much time do we have left?

Author Mastercard
How much time do we have left? Photo: Mastercard

DSK Bank is the partner of Mastercard and Conservation International for the expansion in Europe of the Wildlife Conservation Program

A black and white lemur is watching us from our payment card. He looks us in the eyes and literally asks us - how did we allow ourselves to get here? Where is my place in your fast-paced life? How can a payment card outlive us as a species and soon you will have me only as a nice photo memory?

Our high-tech civilization is evolving rapidly, we expect to have fly to other planets soon, but "at home" hundreds of unique animal species are on the verge of closing their eyes forever. And this is not only a tragedy for the species, the continent where it breathes and lives, but it is also an indicator of the price the man will pay for overconsumption, pollution, exploitation of natural resources and poaching of wild animals.

In 2022, the millions of cardholders of DSK Bank in Bulgaria will have the opportunity to make a small independent step, which will be multiplied by any other customer who made it. The new Mastercard® debit cards from DSK Bank read "Until this card expires, many endangered species may disappear“. For each Mastercard Wildlife Impact card issued, DSK Bank and Mastercard will donate $1 to Conservation International to help protect and restore wildlife habitats. Thus, debit card holders will be easily and quickly involved in the conservation of over 2,000 critically endangered species, including the African forest elephant, the black-and-white ruffed lemur, the yellow-tailed woolly monkey and the pangolin.

The debit card can be easily integrated into mobile wallets, and the physical card will be made of recycled materials.

“DSK Bank's unique new cards dedicated to wildlife will help raise awareness of endangered species and environmental issues. Our partnership with Mastercard and the global organization Conservation International is a great example of the many key roles that businesses can play in helping people and societies work together for a greener planet. With this card, we would like to join forces with our more than 2.5 million customers in the fight for clean nature and the protection of endangered wildlife”, said Tamas Hak-Kovacs, CEO of DSK Bank.

Every extinction of a species is a tragedy - not only for the animal kingdom and nature, but also for humans. Wildlife provides us with cleaner water and fertile soils. When we destroy their habitats, we endanger these natural resources, human health and the climate. By 2030, the Conservation International project will cover priority areas of 40 million hectares of land and 4.5 million square kilometers of water worldwide.

“Mastercard mobilizes all its resources and partners in the fight against climate change and is committed to zero emissions by 2050. We select the most open ones for ESG positive change - such as DSK Bank, to join us in the overall reduction of carbon imprint of the whole ecosystem. In order to have a business tomorrow, we believe that we must first have a healthy planet and peaceful people. Our innovations only make sense if they provide that,” Vanya Manova, Country Manager for Mastercard Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Albania, and Kosovo.

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